Our newest Super Intern adds a worldly view

Posted by on July 10, 2014

Here at Marketwave, we call our interns “Super Intern” because they really are super stars. As Marketwave interns, they make it a point to find as many opportunities to learn as they can. And our newest creative super star, Allison Handlos, is no exception.

She joined us this summer to serve as our creative intern. Once Allison discovered graphic design her senior year in high school, she says it became her passion. Diving into everything creative from illustration to type design, Allison just graduated from Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa, majoring in Graphic Design and Studio Art. And lucky us ­– she’s already served as an agency intern last summer and has studied abroad in Italy.

Now that she’s been here a few weeks, in a new state and all, we wanted to know what she is inspired by every day at her internship with us.

“I want to continue my willingness to learn, trying new things, gaining new experiences, making relationships in a new state, and improving my skills as a designer.”

“I am also excited to learn and become involved with a project from start to finish.”

In addition to all that “new” stuff, Allison wants to see how the entire process of a project works in an agency. That’s a valuable experience we can’t wait to share with her. We already see how much she will contribute to the success of many of our projects.

She would like to eventually combine her two passions of design and travel into one big super star career. We think she’s definitely got what it takes. We’re so happy she made the cross-country leap from Iowa to Texas for us. Please help us welcome Allison to the team!


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