Three free third-party tools for LinkedIn

Posted by on July 29, 2014

Various social media networks have third-party tools that help those networks function a little bit easier. Twitter has Hootsuite and Tweetdeck to create and manage Tweets, as well as measure engagement with other Twitter users. Third-party applications are typically used on Facebook for hosting contests, and building custom pages and tabs. But what about LinkedIn? It took more than 10 years for the professional network to hit 200 million users, and it’s only gotten more popular – and yet third-party tools seem to be in short supply.

With a little bit of research, we’ve found three free third-party applications designed to enhance your LinkedIn experience:

  1. Five Hundred Plus: Inspired by customer relationship management (CRM) tools, Five Hundred Plus is a third-party application that helps you manage your relationships with your connections. This tool keeps track of how often you contact connections, as well as what you said when you last contacted them. Five Hundred Plus also sends email reminders for reaching out to contacts based on how often you choose to contact them – whether weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. The third-party app offers both a free and premium plan for LinkedIn users. Free users can manage up to 10 connections, while premium users (who pay $14.99 per month) can manage as many contacts as they’d like.


  1. Hachi: It’s difficult to get your foot in the door, especially in the professional world. Hachi helps. This third-party app functions as an introduction tool for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, finding the best person to make an introduction. By syncing your networks, Hachi is able to delve deep into your social media engagement to find the best paths to people you’re interested in meeting.

Hachi third party LinkedIn Tool

  1.  Nimble: Nimble is a contact management tool that collects your contacts in one place, and you can connect with your contacts on any network – in one interface. While Five Hundred Plus manages your relationships with your LinkedIn contacts via email reminders and tracking engagement, Nimble connects your contacts by congregating your connections across your social network platforms. In Nimble, you can access your contacts, activities and meetings, and emails and messages on one platform. It tracks your history with your connections on every network you sync and keeps you organized.


More third-party tools are popping up for LinkedIn, and these tools will only benefit your professional network. By having the ability to manage your connections and create paths for LinkedIn introductions, there’s hardly any reason you shouldn’t start utilizing these tools for a better experience. So share with us, what are your favorite LinkedIn third-party apps?


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