Four tips for planning a successful community event

Posted by on August 6, 2014
community outreach event

We recently conducted some community outreach efforts by helping one of our clients teach kids about storm safety at the Killeen Boys and Girls club.

Here at Marketwave, we’re constantly planning and leading community outreach efforts for some of our clients. Giving back to the community helps businesses help those who need it while promoting awareness of their company.

Adding community outreach events to your marketing efforts means considering a client’s mission, values and target audiences in the planning process. Here are a few tried and true tips to ensure your next community event goes off without a hitch.

  1. Identify your team and assign tasks. Finding a team of people will help make planning these events much easier. Once you’ve identified the key team members, make sure everyone knows and understands their roles and responsibilities. Communicating your outreach event objectives to the team will help keep everyone focused on your overall goals. Then, if you cannot attend, establish a team leader who will keep the events running smoothly.
  1. Consider your materials. Think about what kind of materials you want people to take with them when they leave while keeping in mind who your audience is. Are you talking to a group of kids? Or adults who are taking time from work to attend the event? Knowing your audience will help you develop materials that will engage them, even after the event is over.
  1. Determine your call-to-action. Consider the different parts of the community you’re hosting the event in and how best to reach them. Are you asking kids to take home a safety pledge and read it with their parents? Are you asking families to sign up for free trees for their homes? Also, you may want to consider metrics at the events. Should you ask attendees to take a survey for a chance to win? What will you do with this information? Make sure any signage or messages make it clear what you’re asking the individual to do.
  1. Keep things simple. Whether you’re planning activities or refreshments – keep it simple. Don’t stress about having the most elaborate games or snacks. This will make planning and executing your events run much more smoothly. Should you happen to forget a key component, a simple set-up allows you to adapt quickly.

Community outreach efforts allow you to improve people’s perceptions of your company, create awareness and build brand loyalty. These events enable you to form emotional connections with the people your business reaches on a daily basis, giving them a reason to relate to your brand.


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