5 Tools to Help You Stay On Trend in Less Time

Posted by on November 5, 2014

This week’s guest post comes from Marketwave’s client services’ intern, Ruby Camarillo.                                        When you work with a variety of clients in different fields like we do at Marketwave, staying on top of the trends and news within each client’s unique niches could take a good chunk of time. Instead of reading long articles and searching for relevant content, let someone scan the news for you. Here are some ways you can stay on trend without the huge time commitment.

  1. Industry Dive: Industry Dive is a great site for quick news briefs that dive straight into the nitty-gritty of a story. Broken up into industry categories, the site makes it easy to find specific story topics. You can also sign up to receive daily newsletters or download one of their apps. A different app for each category is available so you can easily search for exactly what you want without weaving through various topics to get to your news.
  2. The Skimm: Known for cleverly breaking down the latest news stories into a simple daily email, The Skimm is like having your best friend tell you what’s happening around the world. The breakdowns are short and a little sassy, yet informative. You’re also supplied with links to further reading if you need more info than their general four-sentence summary. While not industry specific, this is good way to familiarize yourself with the day’s hot topics and what they could mean to your clients.
  3. Twitter: It’s no secret that news spreads fast on Twitter, but with around 350,000 tweets being tweeted per minute, great articles can easily get buried in your timeline. Don’t let that scare you away from using Twitter as a quick news source though! By utilizing Twitter lists, you can organize the accounts you follow into different categories, allowing you to view tweets from all your news accounts in one timeline and your #CatVideo accounts in another. Organizing the accounts into lists will be time-consuming, but once it’s completed you’ll love how easy it is to scroll through a timeline of exactly what you want.
  4. Hootsuite: While Hootsuite is most commonly used for managing social media accounts, it can also be used to monitor specific hashtags and keywords. Add as many streams as you wish – and choose the “search” option after picking which social channel you want Hootsuite to filter from. This option will search throughout the entirety of whichever social network you choose instead of only your network, broadening your search significantly and uncovering news sources you may have missed in the past. If you have a paid Hootsuite account, you can also filter the search by Klout score, pushing popular influencers to the top of your search.
  5. Flipboard: This app literally lets you flip through the news. Each time you slide your finger across your device, Flipboard will generate an article based on your interests. Once you find an article you like, you can read it or save it for later by adding it to one of your boards. Now start flipping!

What are some of your favorite ways to stay on top of news and trends?


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