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Posted by on November 24, 2014

Marketwave Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year and normally I’m the type to jump ahead to Christmas planning, decorating and anticipation of all of the holiday events. But this year, I’ve been trying to have more of a mindset of being present in the moment and savoring each day. I’m not sure if any of you tend to rush past Thanksgiving like I’ve done in the past, certainly retailers are happy for us to skip to Christmas and start shopping now, but I’ll share a challenge with you that I’ve given myself this year.

Slow down for gratitude.

Beyond the great feast we’ll likely all consume next week for Thanksgiving, how about if we truly take a moment to think about what we’re thankful for in this year and in this life? It sounds simple enough but of course we all know the feeling of being pulled in so many directions that we sometimes forget to really appreciate the people and experiences that surround us.

Here are the things that come to my mind as I focus on what I’m thankful for this year. I would love to hear what top 3 things come to your mind if you’ve paused to read this post.

  1. Steadfast Faith – I know that I wouldn’t have accomplished anything without my Christian faith that sustains and strengthens me, and equips me to handle adversity as well as giving me the assurance that there is hope for a better future.
  2. The Closeness of Family – this year in particular, I’m focused on spending the holidays with family since my in-laws moved here last month and the new benefit of proximity allows us to be part of each other’s everyday lives.
  3. Incredible Work Team – the Marketwavers that work alongside me each day always show up with an enthusiasm for great work, daily intensity and a collaborative spirit that makes me proud, thankful and humbled by the incredible talent that surrounds me.

I want to wish all of our blog readers a Happy Thanksgiving and my hope for your holiday season is that you pause for gratitude and reflect on the many things I know we can all be thankful for in our lives.

Blessings…and now let the dessert marathon begin!


  1. Tina:

    I just read your blog post from November. I honestly related to what you wrote. So I had to post a comment.

    Starting a new business can be a day-to-day challenge. I too find solace in living in the moment and appreciating the blessings I and my family have. I try each day to remember that. The fact is that remembering to slow it down a bit, to live in the moment when possible and to take stock of your blessings, is what gets me through.

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