Community Service Day: A passion for rural animal rescue

Posted by on December 17, 2014

It’s not likely that you’ll find a Marketwave employee who doesn’t have a passion for giving back and community service. Well, it’s actually pretty impossible.

That’s because we all love community service and (best of all) we work within an environment that encourages it. In fact, it’s a tenet of Marketwave’s corporate values.

Marketwave's Core Values

An Important Core Value

My favorite part of that value is that it’s not a restrictive one. We all have our own causes near and dear to our hearts, and at Marketwave, that diversity is celebrated. Some folks support hunger programs; others are more involved in causes for special needs or disabled children. That’s the beauty of it – it doesn’t matter what or where or to whom you give back. It just matters that you do.

As such, Marketwave employees get one special day each year to volunteer for a cause in need. Over my years spent with the agency, that day has become something I cherish, and look forward to all year. And it’s not because I don’t volunteer on other days (weekends), because I do. It’s just that this day – this special service day – is a gift from Marketwave to a cause picked by me. That’s pretty powerful.

My cause is animal welfare. It always has been, and likely always will be. But even more than that, I love rural animal rescue. I grew up in a small Texas town, so I’ve seen the limited resources that rural areas have, and the sad byproducts that come with them: namely, overpopulation and cruelty. I’ve always tried to spend my time with groups that support rural areas, so when I moved to Central Texas this summer, I was delighted to find a rural rescue organization on the outskirts of town.

Six months later, I’m a volunteer with Texas Humane Heroes in Leander, and will soon join their marketing committee in 2015. In November, I took Marketwave’s special service day to support this cause I so deeply believe in. As a “vet tech assistant,” I assisted with the organization’s spay/neuter clinic by helping the veterinarian and vet techs clean, sterilize, pack and label the surgical instruments. I also helped move the sedated doggies and prepare the ventilation tubes. To play an active role in helping combat overpopulation is really important to me, and I was so thrilled to experience it first-hand.

Although it’s the season of giving right now, I’m lucky to work for an employer who allows us to give year-round. And I’m so excited to continue supporting this organization next year, hopefully in a way that can use my marketing skills for the good of homeless animals in rural Texas.

Marketwave employee Bana Jobe, along with her husband Cade and two rescues, Juno and Jasper.

Marketwave employee Bana Jobe, along with her husband Cade and two rescues, Juno and Jasper.


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