Feeding the Needy: Volunteering with Hunger Busters

Posted by on July 28, 2015

At Marketwave, we cherish our ability to give back to the community. In fact, we cherish it so much that it’s a tenet of Marketwave’s corporate values—and painted on the wall in our office.

Marketwavers at the EFNT volunteer event for Hunger Busters

Marketwavers at the EFNT volunteer event for Hunger Busters

Each year, we strive to dedicate a number of hours to community service—whether we give back to causes that resonate with us individually (like Bana’s passion for rural animal rescue) or we spend a day as a team supporting those in need in our community (like our annual participation in EFNT’s Freedom Day). Last week, the bulk of the Marketwave crew spent Monday morning in a kitchen with a handful of other volunteers, crafting meals for hungry children.

“Feeding Kids, Fueling Futures” is the Hunger Busters slogan, and that’s exactly what this nonprofit organization does on a daily basis; in 2014, Hunger Busters provided more than 200,000 meals to Dallas Independent School District (ISD) students who may not have the luxury of eating a third meal at home. Why do they do it? Because 87 percent of Dallas ISD kids rely on school-subsidized meals as their only resource for food—which means that the likelihood of them going without a nutritious dinner at home is high.

This struck a chord with us, and we wanted to help. It only took a couple of hours, but at the end of our volunteer service, Marketwave helped create more than 700 take-home meals for children in Dallas ISD. And in the process, we learned about the selfless work Hunger Busters does for the community.

Marketwave's Core Values

Marketwave’s Core Values

I’m lucky—and I know I likely speak for everyone else on my team—to work at a company that encourages giving back to a cause that makes a huge impact on the community. We’re thrilled to continue supporting the work EFNT does as well, and we at Marketwave are all looking forward to this year’s Freedom Day volunteer event!

Do you plan on giving back this year? We’d love to know which causes you’re passionate about and how you help support them within your community.


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