SXSW Interactive: Five Recaps from 2016

Posted by on March 22, 2016

This is an edited version of a post that Bana wrote for the American Marketing Association, Austin Chapter, where she volunteers as blog manager on the technology committee.

Did you go to SXSW Interactive this year? If so, lucky you. You likely saw a mix of insanely cool tech and heard mind-blowing facts, stats and trends after POTUS and between power naps. For the rest of us, we can only live vicariously through the Twittersphere and bloggers who took time to log their learnings.

SXSW Interactive: Five Recaps from 2016

For anyone with South By FOMO, here’s a recap of the recaps—cherry-picked just for you:

  1. What’s next for CX? This piece connects the dots with 2016 customer experience trends and forecasts—including the power of virtual reality and integrating digital experiences into physical spaces.
  2. Superbabies and supercomputers: Sessions about DNA sequencing and artificial intelligence identified the good, the bad and the outright spectacular sides of smart tech—and brought sci-fi scenarios into a foreseeable future.
  3. Non-tech and tangible stuff: One New York Times writer mentioned this year’s abundance of non-tech products that just help people live better lives—from brain-boosting supplements to chewable coffee cubes.
  4. Smells like good marketing: You should know that the sense of smell is an underutilized one when it comes to storytelling, and this recap from the Austin Chronicle tells us how that could change.
  5. Exceptional brand experiences: How do you get everyone to notice your brand at SXSW? You blend digital with physical tactics for an immersive experience that puts the word “booth” to bed. CNBC recognizes those who did just that—including Gatorade, American Greetings and Spotify.

And if you just glazed over that heap of copy, check out the SXSWi in photos from AustinInno.

Maybe next year, SXSW.


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