Taking Victory Laps at Marketwave

Posted by on May 16, 2016

We have a monthly celebration here at Marketwave and we call it Victory Laps. As you might guess, it involves taking a virtual victory lap in a few different areas that we think are important to recognize. We have a wall in the office covered in chalkboard paint and we record our small victories there during the meeting. Marketwave President, Tina Young, kicks off the meeting each month and we go around the room for team members to share kudos and numbers that correlate with different sections of our chalkboard wall.

Victory Laps

Here are some of the things we tally and share at each Victory Laps meeting:

  • Networking events attended
  • Proposals submitted
  • New business wins
  • Hours invested in training & development
  • Speaking opportunities landed
  • Hours dedicated to community/non-profit service
  • Award wins
  • Pets owned by employees (this is a fun category that allows us all to share our love of animals)

A highlight of this meeting for me is the Team Kudos spot on the wall. This is the moment we take to brag on our fellow employees and recognize their hard work on projects, events, speeches, sales wins, etc. The conversations and examples shared during this time always leave us laughing and the recognition makes people feel appreciated for their efforts on the team.

Since one of our core company values is recognition, this meeting allows us to live this out on a regular basis. I’m always curious to know how other companies play out recognition on their teams so let me know if you have things like this in your playbook. I don’t think anyone has ever said, “I’m appreciated too much!” so it’s always something we can do more of as we build team engagement.


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