A Letter From Our CEO: Marketwave Leadership Tips In A Crisis

Posted by on March 26, 2020

To all of our key stakeholders – employees, clients, strategic suppliers, consultants and non-profits who are all adjusting to this New Normal:

Like many of you, Marketwave is in Week 2 of the COVID-19 formal response steps that shifted our work environment to home offices and our way of doing business to 100% online. I know you are getting a lot of these types of emails from your business and community partners, so I’ll keep this brief with the intent of sharing my view from my front-row seat of crisis communications. Today, and in the coming weeks, I’ll provide some tips that will help us all manage through this situation and come out on the other side — stronger, wiser and ready for a Texas-sized recovery!

Communicator in Chief (CIC)

  • This is your new title for the foreseeable future; put your CIC hat on and don’t take it off until this is over
  • Over-communicate to make up for virtual work environments
  • Insist on “face time” – through videoconferencing platforms like GoToMeeting, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.; excellent for connectedness and accountability
  • Social distancing doesn’t have to be social isolation if you can see your team or clients face to face, on screen

Lead with Empathy

  • Those of us who are conscious capitalists already know this, but it’s especially critical in times of crisis
  • This situation is stressful for all and everyone’s circumstances vary; people need to know you care
  • Consider starting calls with a brief check-in on how people are doing
  • Empathy involves “stepping into someone else’s shoes,” but a wise person once told me you have to take your shoes off first to truly empathize
  • This is a WE over ME moment; inspire esprit de corps through empathy and communication

Character is Revealed in Crisis

  • Look around at the governors, business leaders, non-profits and others who are responding well in this moment – best practices are emerging all around us
  • Leadership is pressure tested in these times. How are you showing up each day?
  • A year from now, what do you want your stakeholders to say about the way you handled this pandemic response? Will your team be stronger? Your brand be more trusted? Your heart revealed? And, what’s your part in making sure that happens?

We’re blessed to already be helping many of you with the concise and heartfelt messaging that is keeping your employees and customers informed and connected. And, we look forward to comparing notes as we face this challenge together.

Take Care. Stay Well. Wash your hands. And soldier on!

All my best,

Tina Young


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