A Conscious Company

Lead with purpose.
Live your values. That’s our philosophy and that’s why Marketwave CEO, Tina Young, is a founding member of the Dallas Chapter of Conscious Capitalism, a community of like-minded leaders in support of the national business movement that was built on four tenets: 1.) purpose, 2.) culture, 3.) leadership and 4.) the stakeholder integration model.

Purpose-driven business
Conscious companies are purpose-driven in the sense of knowing not just what they do to add value to the market, but why they do it – a higher purpose that drives them and inspires them to excellence. These companies have a culture of caring and accountability, and are laser-focused on making a positive impact on all stakeholders. The conscious capitalism movement was started by Whole Foods co-CEO, John Mackey along with academic and business author, Raj Sisodia, who co-authored the book by the same name in 2013. You can read more about this at www.consciouscapitalism.org.

The company we keep
Conscious capitalism is embraced by business leaders such as Kip Tindell, CEO of The Container Store; Bob Jordan, COO of Southwest Airlines; and Scott Miller, CEO of Interstate Batteries. It’s also embraced by many small- to mid-size businesses that have recognized a better way to grow business and create thriving cultures. Across the U.S. and now in parts of Europe and Asia, this movement is spreading as companies experience the long-term benefits of operating with these core tenets in mind. A key thing conscious companies do is build cultures based on shared values. And, Marketwave has done just that.