What does your brand stand for? What impact do you have on your customers, clients, stakeholders? Whether you already know the answer to these questions or you’re still discovering them, Marketwave helps you clarify and amplify your brand strategy.

Starting with our Brandwave strategic process of research, insights and workshops, we help your team arrive at the true north of your brand, and establish a brand platform that guides the right next steps for any marketing and communications program. Most importantly, this process creates alignment on your brand voice, personality and key messages that will connect you to the audiences you need to reach. After all, the best brands are built from within.

Our Purpose-Driven Branding approach looks at all internal and external touchpoints of your brand. From the way your brand is expressed through your recruiting and onboarding efforts, to the way you tell your brand story on your website, social media and throughout your office space, elevating your purpose improves employee engagement and increases customer loyalty.

Brand Awareness/Perception Research
Competitive Analysis
Brandwave Workshops
Our team of brand strategy professionals leads this workshop, and walks senior leadership and key stakeholders through Marketwave’s signature methodology for brand development and direction. This helps define crucial attributes of your brand, including: purpose, vision, core competencies, positioning, personality and essence. Your Brandwave Platform acts as the guiding directive for all marketing initiatives.
Brand Identity
From brand strategy and architecture to identity design and development, we work holistically to craft brands customers love. All branding efforts start with a strategic branding workshop called Brandwave. Led by seasoned branding and strategy professionals, this workshop walks senior leadership and key stakeholders through a Marketwave signature methodology of brand development and definition. From there, we construct a roadmap, begin logo and identity concepting and designs, and build a roadmap for implementing the new branding solutions.
Branded Spaces
Brand Anthem Videos


Our Brandwave strategic branding process engages a cross-section of your leaders through research and insights, competitive analysis and a collaborative workshop to arrive at brand clarity and a platform that guides marketing and communications planning.

Research & Insights

Interviews with customers, leadership team, employees and key stakeholders

Brand Workshop

Covers brand positioning, personality and vision; builds clarity to shape the brand platform

Brand Platform

Concisely presents brand vision, core competencies, positioning statement, brand personality and brand essence, forming a foundation for marketing communications strategy

Strategic Marketing Plan

Sets the roadmap for marketing momentum; defines milestones and metrics