Recruiting and Retaining top talent

Employee Benefit News reports that it costs employers 33% of an employee’s salary to hire a replacement if that person leaves. When someone you’ve trained, managed, mentored and invested in, walks out the door, there’s an impact on the team and an impact on productivity. And when you’re talking about top talent, you want to prevent it from happening. Let’s also not forget the countless studies that suggest that companies with high employee engagement are 20% more profitable because their employees are more productive.

Marketwave works with our clients to address all areas of the employee experience, from recruitment and onboarding to talent development, culture accelerators and retention strategies. When your employer brand reflects your purpose, and employees believe they are doing meaningful work, they are more engaged, productive and likely to recommend your company to others in their network.

Employee Value Propositions & Mission Statement
Employee Communications Strategy
Crisis Communications
Recruitment Marketing
Careers Page Website Strategy
LinkedIn and Overall Social Media Strategy
Culture Accelerators
All Hands Meetings
Annual Themes and Kickoffs