When it comes to business growth, companies often overlook the power of public relations and thought leadership. Sharing knowledge—such as best practices, case studies and industry outlooks—is a way for companies to inform, educate and connect with audiences to enhance reputation and increase awareness.

Playing the Long Game

Bolstering your brand through thought leadership is a solid strategy–but it takes time and requires consistent effort. As these activities build momentum, however, your company becomes better positioned to attract and retain customers, gain influence as a trusted voice within your industry, and to build brand equity by reinforcing your position as an expert resource.

A Focused Approach

Where to start? That’s where our team comes in. We thrive on connecting brands with audiences that value what they have to offer–from business prospects to consumer audiences, and from traditional media outlets to online influencers. As with other parts of a marketing program, a thought leadership initiative begins with strategic eyes and insight. We’ll map out the spectrum of public relations touchpoints and channels—including media relations, social media and content strategy—to identify the right mix that ensures your voice resonates and connects with your audiences. The end result: a heightened awareness of your brand built on trust and credibility, along with added fuel for sales growth or other organizational goals.

Internal Communications
Whether you have a staff of 5 or 500, we facilitate employee communications effectively and efficiently. We eye the employer-employee relationship strategically and account for all touch points – from newsletters and intranet content to multi-platform engagement programs.
Thought Leadership
Our thought leadership campaigns are steeped in sound strategy with clear goals and measurable objectives and play a significant role in moving a brand toward greater awareness and increased market recognition. We believe thought leadership has a place with any brand looking to tell its story, share its perspective and inform and engage its audiences. Whether the strategy involves blog contributions, byline submissions, social media influence, speaking opportunities, awards or a mix of integrated solutions, we promote your experts and brand as industry leaders to your key stakeholders.
Community Relations
Businesses that actively participate in and contribute to the communities in which they live and work enjoy better brand visibility and awareness. We have successfully helped our clients strengthen relationships with local audiences, from architecting employee volunteer programs to nurturing and promoting community brand ambassadors.
Crisis Communications
With the viral nature of social media, a crisis can quickly spiral out of control. That’s why our approach to crisis communication has always been a strategically proactive one. We'll equip you with the knowledge, skills and materials to survive the worst, from crisis planning and scenario drills to statement preparation.
ROI-Driven Public Relations
We get it. PR is hard to quantify, measure and – at times – defend. That’s why we do things differently. Yes, we consider media coverage, impressions and speaking opportunities as metrics for success. But, we set the barometer much higher, taking an integrated approach to reaching your goals. Our big-picture view factors in the return on your PR investment, from new clientele to the bottom line. If something’s not working, we adjust.
Social Media
One size does not fit all. Social media can not only help businesses increase brand awareness but can also build lasting relationships through engaging content. From LinkedIn to YouTube and Twitter to Instagram, our team understands the how and why behind social posts and the vital role of tone and brand voice. We also understand the importance of varying and creating curated content that’s focused on your audiences – not just your brand. Monitoring and participating in social conversations as well as assessing analytics to fine-tune strategies based on your company’s goals not only drives brand loyalty but also encourages engagement and conversions.
Executive Visibility
Whether it’s your CEO or another C-suite member, positioning your top executives as thought leaders and influencers will not only set you apart from your competition but will also enhance corporate reputation, build brand loyalty and generate new business. The benefits can also spread internally to employees, reinforcing values, impacting culture and creating brand ambassadors. We take a customized and strategic approach to creating effective executive visibility programs that aligns business priorities with successful tactics ranging from bylined articles and speaking opportunities to enhanced social media profiles and award opportunities. The foundation for these successful programs is built on maximizing results and measuring the return on these efforts.
Reputation Management
How your stakeholders view your company or brand is vital to its success. With online reviews, social media posts and Google searches driving perceptions, the Internet is a powerful place. Whether you’re building, maintaining or recovering, our team understands the stakes are high and takes a proactive approach by ensuring reputation management is part of an overarching digital marketing strategy or campaign. To help our clients succeed and work toward overarching goals, we identify strategies and tactics ranging from business listings and digital advertising to SEO and review management. It’s a cyclical process – monitoring, influencing and managing – that protects our clients’ reputations and builds credibility and trust.