Public relations that connects your brand

Relationships are at the core of everything we do. They’re how we operate, how we achieve results and how we measure success. And when it comes to public relations, there’s no other route to a glowing reputation and perception than through good relationships. From consumers and businesses to the media, we’re a public relations firm that thrives on connecting brands with audiences.

As with everything else, it begins with strategic eyes and insight. We’ll map out the spectrum of PR touch points and channels – such as media relations, social media and internal communications – to identify the right service mix that ensures your story resonates, sticks and inspires action.


Internal Communications
Whether you have a staff of 5 or 500, we facilitate employee communications effectively and efficiently. We eye the employer-employee relationship strategically and account for all touch points – from newsletters and intranet content to multi-platform engagement programs.
Thought Leadership
From identifying speaking opportunities to producing white papers, speeches and blog content, we are experts at positioning our clients as thought leaders. Engage our thought leadership services to impact relationships with your intended audience, whether it’s consumers, influencers or the C-suite.
Community Relations
Businesses that actively participate in and contribute to the communities in which they live and work enjoy better brand visibility and awareness. We have successfully helped our clients strengthen relationships with local audiences, from architecting employee volunteer programs to nurturing and promoting community brand ambassadors.
Crisis Communications
With the viral nature of social media, a crisis can quickly spiral out of control. That’s why our approach to crisis communication has always been a strategically proactive one. We'll equip you with the knowledge, skills and materials to survive the worst, from crisis planning and scenario drills to statement preparation.
ROI-Driven Public Relations
We get it. PR is hard to quantify, measure and – at times – defend. That’s why we do things differently. Yes, we consider media coverage, impressions and speaking opportunities as metrics for success. But, we set the barometer much higher, taking an integrated approach to reaching your goals. Our big-picture view factors in the return on your PR investment, from new clientele to the bottom line. If something’s not working, we adjust.

Integrated Marketing – Our Approach


The Integrated Marketing Process Flow

Marketing as a Continuum

We don’t believe in just making a splash. Integrated marketing is a series of strategic elements that together build a process flow and the momentum needed to hit your goals.

Integrated Approach to Brand Building

Today, stakeholders engage with a brand across multiple platforms and they expect a consistent message and experience. Marketwave helps you create a compelling, unified brand voice and integrates all platforms to deliver a strategic marketing program.

Results-Centric Continuous Improvement

With our growth mindset applied to your marketing program, we listen and measure results to identify ways to fine-tune and improve marketing outcomes. This sustained effort builds momentum.

Business Growth Through Integrated Marketing

The sales engine needs fuel to propel it. Marketing muscle married with sales and brand strategy has a multiplier effect on business growth.