Strategic marketing & branding 

Tackling your brand’s strategic marketing objectives can seem daunting. You need a partner – a Dallas marketing agency like Marketwave – that knows how to develop a strategy that will communicate your brand’s story while reaching the decision-making influencers in your industry.

We specialize in creating strategic marketing programs that move the needle for your business. We’ll help you focus on your key audiences and how best to reach them, assess your current brand strategy and integrate a number of tactics to help you stand out in the marketplace.


Branding and Positioning
You have a logo and a company name, which means you have a brand, right? Well, not completely. We’ll help you expand and enhance your brand through strategic conversations, competitive analysis, research insights and a marketing plan to build momentum that will feed your goals.
Brandwave Workshop
Our team of brand strategy professionals leads this workshop, and walks senior leadership and key stakeholders through Marketwave’s signature methodology for brand development and direction. This helps define crucial attributes of your brand, including: vision, core competencies, positioning, personality and essence. Your Brandwave Platform acts as the guiding directive for all marketing initiatives.
Advertising Planning and Campaigns
We’re bombarded with hundreds of advertisements on a daily basis, and likely don’t act on most of them. In an era of information overload, our goal is reaching the right people with the right message at the right time. When those three intersect, it’s a beautiful thing. We’ll begin with a strategic approach to gauge your market and create an advertising solution that gets you noticed, inspires your audience and activates your market.
Market Research and Strategic Planning
Before launching any marketing strategy, it’s important to understand the competitive landscape and market dynamics. We provide strategic research and planning with insights on what people say, think and prefer to craft messages that stick. We handle survey design, recruitment marketing and research analytics to achieve results in support of your programs or goals.
Channel Marketing / Sales Support
Let’s cut to the chase. We know the bottom line is your main focus, and that securing sales is what keeps the lights on. We’ll ensure that you have the right materials in your sales arsenal to tell your story while optimizing your new business efforts. From lead generation to drip marketing, we help you marry marketing and sales to hit your numbers.
Integrated Marketing Campaigns
Having the right marketing mix is integral to the shelf life of your campaign. We’ll use our secret recipe to create a solid marketing campaign seasoned with tactics that help you reach your audiences and leave them craving more.
Experiential Marketing
Audiences crave a sensory experience. We can transform your brand identity into a unique and impactful experience. From mobile experience centers to trade show booths, our expertise runs the gamut of experiential strategies.
Engagement Marketing
Reaching your key influencers and motivating them to act may seem like an uphill battle. It's like trying to fit in with the cool kids at school. We know how to interact with your audiences and build buzz around your brand using tactics that speak to your audience. We'll get you in their circles in no time.
Email Marketing
While email may be the oldest form of social media, it’s still the most cost-effective. And since almost 60 percent of people start their day by reading email, this marketing tool can tremendously enhance your outreach programs. We’ll develop your online communications strategy, incorporate your brand’s look and feel, distribute to targeted contacts and measure the program’s success.
CRM Programs
Processes help the world go round, and we can help you better manage your target audiences and sales activities. We’ll help you collect data, analyze the marketplace for opportunities and develop key messages for the market. Then we'll deliver communications through the appropriate channels, analyze the results and refine the approach if necessary.

Integrated Marketing – Our Approach


The Integrated Marketing Process Flow

Marketing as a Continuum

We don’t believe in just making a splash. Integrated marketing is a series of strategic elements that together build a process flow and the momentum needed to hit your goals.

Integrated Approach to Brand Building

Today, stakeholders engage with a brand across multiple platforms and they expect a consistent message and experience. Marketwave helps you create a compelling, unified brand voice and integrates all platforms to deliver a strategic marketing program.

Results-Centric Continuous Improvement

With our growth mindset applied to your marketing program, we listen and measure results to identify ways to fine-tune and improve marketing outcomes. This sustained effort builds momentum.

Business Growth Through Integrated Marketing

The sales engine needs fuel to propel it. Marketing muscle married with sales and brand strategy has a multiplier effect on business growth.