Oncor Smart Texas mobile experience center hits the road

Oncor recently launched the deployment of more than 3 million advanced meter across its service areas in Texas, the largest deployment in the U.S. The new technology and equipment will enhance and transform the electric grid – making it smarter, greener, more efficient and more reliable.

They have tasked MarketWave with educating Oncor customers about the benefits of the new meters. We have developed educational materials and managed the creation and buildout of an experiential exhibit that will travel all across Texas spreading information about the Smart Texas program. By the end of 2012, Oncor will have upgraded more than 3 million existing meters in its service territory with advanced meters. Prior to receiving advanced meters, customers have not know how much electricity they have sued until they received a monthly bill – when it was too late to make any adjustments. The new meters will give customers the ability to know how much electricity they are using in real time, and make changes that will positively impact their consumption and monthly bill.

Advanced meters, often called “smart meters,” will modernize electric service by replacing existing 50-year-old meter technology with state-of-the art digital meters. These new advanced meters will empower customers to rethink their energy use, use the information to save money on their electric bills and reduce their impact on the environment. Advanced meters also improve service reliability by automatically alerting utilities to service disruptions.