The Brief

      An estimated 58,000 wild horses roam on managed rangelands in the western U.S. As they grow in population, so does the need to ensure their safety and adopt them into private homes. That’s why the Mustang Heritage Foundation engaged Marketwave and partner Avalanche Media to support America’s Mustang, a nationwide campaign to support awareness and adoption of wild mustang herds.

      The Challenge/Goals

      Tasked with raising awareness of wild mustang herds, our team also needed to drive attendance and participation in America’s Mustang events, increase support and engagement from influencer organizations and drive traffic to the website and social channels through third-party, organic referrals.


      Targeting local and industry audiences, we executed a series of insights-rich approaches designed to raise awareness of both the breed and the program. Primary strategies included direct engagement with organizations, content strategy, community outreach and media relations. Content focused on mustangs and their needs—as opposed to jargon-rich messaging about the organizations—and was syndicated through outreach paced against a balanced timeline to capitalize on their events.


      We created a campaign experience that touched and resonated with many—even those who had never before seen, or had known about, America’s wild mustangs.

      • Exceeded 50 million media impressions
      • Impacted social engagement, site traffic and event attendance through organic placements and partnerships formed across the country. Of organic media placements, we secured organic link-backs to the site, which supported SEO and built an online platform and presence.
      • More than 150 mustangs were adopted into new homes!
      • The program was also selected for the 2016 DFW’s American Marketing Association “Overall Marketer of the Year” award.

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