Michael Young



Here’s the guy that ups our fun factor every day. So much so that we don’t even realize how much he’s also upping our game until we’re doing one of our monthly victory lap celebrations and realize just how good he is at keeping a close eye on the financials. F is for fun and for financials in his role as our CFO. Mike leads the charge on our profitability and growth strategies and supports business development. Given his culture accelerating gift, he has also helped us transform our hiring process so that we’re asking values-based questions ensuring our newest Marketwavers will be a good fit for our team long-term.

With deep roots in the energy and enterprise technology sectors, previously Mike was at Arco Oil and Gas and spent more than 20 years at EDS directing client delivery for Sprint, 7-Eleven, Bank of America and American Express Bank accounts. Having also handled large-scale technology integration programs for American Airlines, serving as a founding partner of Keste and working for the NeuroLeadership Institute, he brings a strategic mind and powerful business insights to our team.

Mike attended the University of Minnesota until the sub-zero temperatures inspired his move to Texas. Mike has never met a dog he didn’t want to stop and pet, and he loves to golf even though his 3PUTT license plate is pretty accurate.