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At Marketwave, everything we do revolves around identifying and elevating your brand purpose. Or as many like to say, finding your why. This is what grounds our work and helps us arrive at the intersection of purpose and profit. Our strategic, comprehensive approach is what energizes us, differentiates us and defines our path forward. Here’s how we uncover, clarify and amplify what matters most to your key stakeholders.

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Whether it already exists or you need support, baseline quantitative and/or qualitative research is the foundation for Marketwave’s approach. From social listening, surveys, focus groups and interviews, we have the tools and the resources to gauge your brand and the competition ahead of any project.


Key to Marketwave’s success has always been our client discovery sessions. This is how we build brands, establish messaging and develop campaigns from the inside. With these insights, we apply the paid, earned, shared and owned (PESO) model to a strategic marketing effort built on these learnings.


With our exploratory work complete, we move into the create stage. Working closely with our clients, Marketwave will ideate, concept and present the copy, tools and the visuals that will tell your story and meet your goals. Here we build the plans and assets to fit your channels and business objectives.


Once our materials are final, Marketwave puts the plan in motion. This could be unveiling a new website or charging ahead on a coordinated product roll-out. It could include lining up vendors and support for production and execution or an orchestrated PESO launch. Executing against a detailed plan is our specialty.


From the start, Marketwave sets KPIs and SMART goals to monitor and measure impressions, clicks, views, engagements and conversions. We analyze site traffic and media reports all in an effort to understand what’s working, what’s not and how we can optimize our work for maximum impact.
Signature Brand Workshop


a woman standing in front of a whiteboard with sticky notes on it
A man sitting at a table with his arms crossed
a woman sitting at a table in front of a window
a group of people sitting around a table with a laptop
a woman writing on a wall with a marker
a woman standing in front of a whiteboard with sticky notes on it
A man sitting at a table with his arms crossed
a woman sitting at a table in front of a window
a group of people sitting around a table with a laptop
a woman writing on a wall with a marker
Our team knows how to work a room. Especially when it comes to our Brandwave rooms that are filled with dynamic collaboration, smart insights and thoughtful discussion with your leadership team or a cross-functional group. These brand workshops cover what makes you different, what your stakeholders care about, and your unique brand personality. What do you end up with? A solid brand platform as a guide for all marketing and communications activities. While we’ve mastered hosting these online (thanks a lot 2020!), our favorite way to connect to what really matters about your brand is in person, without interruption, for a full-day workshop.
Setting the Stage
Your brand is more than a logo and more than an identity. It’s really what people say when you’re not around and that’s exactly what our Brandwave sessions influence in your favor. Our team starts this process by diving deep into your competitive landscape and market dynamics through research and stakeholder interviews.
The Day Of
We kick off the day sharing our brand methodology and the initial insights. From there, it’s very interactive. And what feels like a lot of talking, reflecting, collaborating, debating word choices and themes, shapes your brand platform with 5 distinct parts. This is what makes your marketing easier, effective and high impact. And the best kept secret about investing the time and concentration? Brandwaves are fun – for us and our clients!
The Brand Platform
Following the Brandwave workshop, our team of seasoned professionals and expert facilitators take the insights gleaned and build what becomes the ultimate brand guide, built exclusively for you. It includes:
Brand Purpose
That aspirational goal that drives you
Core Competencies
Your unique competitive strengths
Brand Positioning
What your customers should think about you
Brand Personality
How you interact and project yourself
Brand Essence
Your fundamental nature or quality
Why it Matters?
From the way we write about you to the channels we leverage to connect to your key audiences, your brand is the true North Star. Not only does this create the consistency required to build a strong brand, it ensures that it shines bright at the intersection of purpose and profit.
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Employee Experience Workshop


Our team knows how to build a brand. From the inside. Marketwave’s EXwave workshops identify what your employer brand stands for with a comprehensive evaluation around the Employee Experience (EX). We look at what it is today and what it could be to build an employer brand that attracts and retains the top talent you need, engaged and invested. Why it matters? Because engaged employees perform better, stay longer and make your team stronger. Countless studies prove it.

Evaluating the Employee Experience
Marketwave works with clients to enhance all areas of the Employee Experience through an employer brand lens– from recruitment and onboarding to DE&I initiatives, culture accelerators and retention strategies – taking into account the entire employee journey. We start by looking through the eyes of a potential candidate, then understand the first-day experience, and look at the onboarding path. We also evaluate the experience of newer employees versus more tenured team members including conducting stay interviews to understand the reasons for retention. Ahead of our EXwave workshop, Marketwave will conduct stay interviews with a cross section of employees as our baseline, we’ll review the competitive landscape, perform an online sentiment analysis and assess key employer review sites. We’ll also take a look at your employee satisfaction surveys and feedback to ground our session and inform our recommendations.
Defining your EVP
Our team of seasoned professionals and expert facilitators use these insights and a workshop setting to build your employee value proposition (EVP) in alignment with your talent goals. An EVP is the unique set of benefits that an employee receives in return for the skills, capabilities and experience they bring to a company. An EVP is about defining the essence of your organization – how it is unique and what it stands for.
We use the EVP framework put forward by Gartner that covers the following areas:
Rewards: salary, stock options, benefits, soft perks, time off
Work: job-interest-goals alignment and work-life balance
Organization: company purpose/vision/mission/values, reputation and social responsibility
Opportunity: career growth, education, personal/professional development
People: colleagues, leadership, company culture, DEI
Bringing your EVP to Life
Once your EVP is defined, Marketwave works with our clients on the last three critical steps:
Develop an essence statement that guides tone, messaging and decision making
Infuse all employee HR touchpoints with the EVP including recruitment materials, onboarding process and the employee development journey
Ensure that your new EVP is integral to your employer brand story and comes through in all major brand touchpoints and channels, both internally and externally