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When Go-Getters Become Do-Gooders: Finding Purpose in Giving Back

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Do you have a high-performance culture? Did you emerge from the pandemic quoting increased productivity, customer satisfaction and proud of your resilient team that’s now battle tested? Many of us can thankfully answer yes to these questions. But guess what? Working hard isn’t going to cut it anymore if you want employees to stick around long term.

You’ve heard us talk a lot about employees wanting to find purpose in what they do. And we certainly do significant work helping our clients uncover and clarify their brand purpose so that it connects with employees and external stakeholders alike.

But it turns out that purpose and meaning at work can also be found outside your walls by encouraging employees to set aside daily challenges and roll up their sleeves to do something good together in the community.

According to a 2021 Mayo Clinic study, volunteering can have a big impact on a person’s health and well-being. Sometimes referred to as “helper’s high,” volunteering has been shown to reduce stress levels, improve mood, help people stay active and give them a sense of purpose.

Your company doesn’t have to have a “saving the planet” or “curing cancer” kind of purpose to inspire and engage employees. In fact, purposeful work serving a cause together has the power to make your team feel good about where they work and find meaning in a shared sense of service to others.

Younger generations of employees – Millennials and Gen Z – are especially drawn to companies that serve their communities and nonprofits in this way. This article by a Deloitte contributor to Quartz @ Work sums it up well and lines out the business case for intentional volunteering as a team.

If your company is in the North Texas area, we are part of the Communities Foundation of Texas for Business (CFT4B) program, and it’s a great way to connect your employees to hands-on volunteering and inspire charitable giving. Check them out @ or look for other volunteer match programs in your area.

When you can channel your go-getters into do-gooders through focused corporate citizenship, there are long-term benefits to your employee engagement and retention. And, you’re likely to experience a grateful nonprofit community that appreciates the time and support your company gives.