Brand Strategy
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Key Highlights

  • 20+ year client relationship
  • Positioned Texas’ largest electric utility as an innovator
  • Created key messaging and a brand platform focused on how the company empowers modern life
  • Showcased innovation internally and externally through awards program


Brand Positioning, Copywriting, Energy Marketing, Illustration, Infographic Design, Mobile & Emerging Media, Responsive Website, SEO, Video, Video Production, Website Design, Website Development

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Founded in 1912 and now the largest energy delivery company in Texas, Oncor has a history of serving the people of the Lone Star State. But with its legacy and the public’s perception of utility companies being outdated or old fashioned, Oncor needed to show it had evolved into a 21st-century innovator and technological leader. The company not only distributed reliable electricity to millions of Texans but was on a fast path to ongoing progress with a commitment to innovative solutions and services using the latest tools and methodologies. Having partnered with Oncor for more than 20 years, Marketwave has worked closely with the team to reposition and elevate its brand, improve the customer experience and help educate consumers about its three brand pillars – innovation, infrastructure and community.

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We always take a strategic and creative approach – starting with the brand – to communicating the Oncor story. From innovation stories shared on the company’s intranet to community engagement programs and industry awards, our work for this leading utility has helped educate customers and inspire employee pride in the essential and purposeful work the company does.

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With a new brand platform, redesigned website, more relevant collateral and a company video that highlighted its innovation, Oncor began redefining itself as an innovative energy company ready for its next century with state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced technologies to create a safer, smarter, more reliable power grid.

The repositioned Oncor brand with the message of “innovation doesn’t have an off switch” resulted in the following:

  • Redesigned website with improved user experience
  • Successful MyOncor customer app launch and adoption
  • Industry and business awards spotlighting innovation
  • Brand anthem video framing the Oncor brand voice and personality, telling the company story in a compelling way