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Key Highlights

  • Japanese financial powerhouse wanted greater visibility for its U.S. division among middle market business leaders and their advisors looking to catalyze growth
  • Building trust and credibility started with communicating the company’s purpose and gaining alignment among employees on its new core values
  • Strong corporate communications bolstered by a consistent press release pipeline and thought leadership strategy in commercial real estate, transportation/infrastructure and emerging markets


Brand Positioning, Branded Space, Copywriting, Digital Ads, Employee Engagement, Event Support, Public Relations, Video Production, Website Design, Website Development

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In Japan, ORIX Corporation is a well-known financial conglomerate with a reputation as recognizable and dominant as companies like Google & JPMorgan hold in America. ORIX USA – the company’s U.S. division – also boasted an impressive portfolio of business investments and a track record of success, and that’s why the company came to us to elevate its brand visibility and raise awareness of its expertise while also highlighting the strong backing of the parent company.

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Though name recognition was a priority, a splashy, national media relations campaign didn’t fit the personality of ORIX USA. Instead, our team started on a more targeted scale. As newsworthy company deals or acquisitions unfolded, we reached out to local and trade media outlets to spread the word and offer interviews with ORIX USA executives.

  • Developed and distributed press releases for the company’s various business units in key vertical sectors boosted SEO results, and influenced deal flow
  • LinkedIn content strategy contributed to thought leadership and credibility
  • Boosted culture and engagement through internal communications and intranet launch
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  • Marketwave was agency of record for ORIX USA for 6 years until its executive center moved to Manhattan
  • PR Success resulted in increased deal flow and credibility to put ORIX on top for noteworthy investments such as Sprinkles, Angie’s List, Roadsafe Traffic Systems and California Proton Therapy
  • Former ORIX USA CEO, Hideto Nishitani, chose Marketwave as his agency when he left ORIX and formed his own purpose-led investment fund, Virtuous Capital