The Brief

      In Japan, ORIX Corporation is a well-known financial services company, with a reputation as revered as companies like Google hold in America. ORIX USA—the company’s U.S. division—also boasts an impressive portfolio of businesses and a track record of success, and that’s why ORIX USA came to us: to strengthen its visibility and raise awareness while also highlighting the strong backing of its parent company.

      The Challenge/Goals

      Armed with financial resources, an experienced team and customized client solutions, ORIX USA serves as a growth catalyst for its clients. The only hurdle: making people aware of its presence across the country and strong reputation of success. Raising the profile of ORIX USA and highlighting its value as a business partner became our mission.


      Though name recognition was a priority, a splashy, national media relations campaign didn’t fit the personality of ORIX USA. Instead, our team started on a smaller scale, developing and distributing press releases for the company’s various business units in an effort to boost SEO results. As newsworthy company deals or acquisitions unfolded, we reached out to local and trade media outlets to spread the word and offer interviews with ORIX USA executives. Preparing background materials before each interview—and obtaining the interview questions beforehand on occasion—helped ease the modest company into the spotlight.


      Through ongoing outreach that began in 2015, our team has helped make the ORIX USA brand more recognizable. These days, companies across the country are taking note of the success and solid reputation ORIX USA has built. Big names like Sprinkles and Angie’s List as well as a host of smaller companies make up ORIX USA’s portfolio–and now people are finding out about it.

      • Press Release Pickup: From 2015 – 2017, our team issued nearly 20 press releases, boosting ORIX USA’s SEO ranking along the way. Each press release was posted on a number of targeted news websites, with the biggest announcements—such as acquisitions—garnering up to more than 10,000 views.
      • Media Coverage: Building a trusting relationship with reporters from the Dallas Business Journal was the hallmark of our outreach efforts. Now, reporters at the publication regularly seek out ORIX USA executives for commentary on stories they’re writing. Additionally, our team has secured coverage in a number of trade publications, including Private Debt Investor, Infrastructure Investor and Private Equity Professional Digest.

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