The Challenge

      Osburn Contractors knew it was on the cusp of a lucrative revenue stream when it decided to take on the national truck driver shortage. The largest concrete construction firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as within the Southwestern U.S., had purchased a fleet of cement mixers and hired enough drivers to not only solve its own delivery delay issues but also deliver on behalf of competing contractors for a fee. The company chose Marketwave to develop a multi-pronged lead generation campaign.


      Our challenge revolved around executing two messages for separate audiences. We wanted to leverage Osburn’s standing with clients by promoting its new fleet and ability to circumvent delays. However, competitors needed to see the fleet as a resource they could use without fear of surrendering business.

      We created a robust lead-gen campaign that included:

      • A video to position Osburn as a distributor and graphics to convey Osburn had found a solution to work around the national truck driver shortage.
      • Video scripting to provide key messaging about the value proposition of the fleet and why it made economical sense for competitors to tap into Osburn’s rather than buy new trucks.
      • Strong male voice narration to covey the service’s trustworthiness in a male-dominated industry frequently hampered by delays.
      • Hero shots of a freshly washed mixer.
      • Fact sheets to explain the economics of tapping into Osburn’s fleet.
      • Collateral to share the fact Osburn’s fleet guarantees deliveries arrive on time.


      Osburn’s competitors came in droves to use its mixers and drivers once they became aware of the possibilities. The campaign:

      • Generated more than $300,000 in bottom-line revenue in the first 90 days.
      • Is used in sales pitches to new clients.
      • Drew more than 3,400 viewers to YouTube.
      • Persuaded competing contractors to give the fleet a chance and increase their own earning potential with timely deliveries.
      • Tim Christle, Director of business development and marketing: “Our company image and perception within our industry are elevated well beyond what they would have been had we not engaged Marketwave for their services and support.”

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